Welcome to Brandon Hotzel’s Portfolio!
I enjoy using WordPress, WP security, WP SEO, WP-CLI. Basically, all things WordPress!! Various themes, custom(developed by me) or pre-made themes, and also develop custom plugins. Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL this makes the development of WordPress easy. To make development easier, I’ll use Github to save a centralized document.

Don’t get me wrong. I have used other kinds of CMS such as Drupal, Hubspot CMS, Joomla!, Woocommerce sites, Shopify and Magento. However, I always like to learn more. For example, I am teaching myself ethical hacking using Kali Linux on a Virtual Machine. I use Wp-scan, Metasploit, Burp Suite, and other programs to make sure the website (made of WordPress) has secure passwords. 

These sites are from various contracts and positions I have had over the past years. I have not listed all of the sites I have made/helped develop, but here is a small portion of those sites.