I develop WordPress local installations, and after I finish editing, I will put all the content on the live site.

As a WordPress Developer, I have helped to build








As a freelance web developer, I have made the following sites, everything from setting up the database to design to SEO.

Tilleda Falls Campground Whistle stop campground

I made this page for a client while working for www.upwork.com as a Freelance Web Developer


I made the content and design on these sites. These sites were tasked to me by the owner of Internet Connections in North Mankato, MN. These sites are all owned by The Tailwind Group.

College Town Mankato

The Quarters Cedar Falls

Lofts 1633Quarters Rochester






I transferred content on these websites







I edited/made many different pages in the “Photo of the Day”/”Farm Stories & Photos”.


This is an example of an e-commerce website I helped setup.


There are a lot of other sites that I have worked on but I did minor changes to the content. Such as Dancing with the Mankato Stars.  There are a lot of other websites that I have worked with. If you want to know some others, just ask.