About me

Want to know more about me?

A little about me is people don’t know how to say my last name. People have pronounced it in a lot of different ways, but it’s really easy to pronounce. It is pronounced as it is spelled, Hot-zel. I’m a WordPress Designer and developer from Wautoma, WI. I graduated from DeVry University in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Information Systems, and my minor was System Analysis. I enjoy working as a team and also working alone.

Since 2015 and on, I have been learning about Web Development. It turned from a hobby to a passion. I’m great at web development with WordPress! I love what I do and I do it well!

My personality is friendly and easygoing, with a very strong work ethic. I’m an empathetic, people-person who is very dependable and a very good problem-solver.

About me and my freelance business

Since January of 2017, I have worked on Web Development for my Freelance business, b.hotzel. I have obtained clients in one of two ways, either through a service like Upwork, which is a site for freelancers to find contracts either long or short. Or by word of mouth.

It is only me working on the sites, so I’m a full-stack developer really. As I said on my portfolio page, I am very good at front-end, back-end, and Database development.

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